Sea Spa Concept

The Legendary Dead Sea is the largest natural spa in the world! Throughout the ages, its geographical location and arid climate have created unique, concentrated & rich mineral compositions that are found nowhere else on earth! The extraordinary properties of the Dead Sea were known to Queen Cleopatra of Egypt & were the highly guarded secret of her personal beauty regime...a beauty regime which became historically synonymous with exotic, luxury & exclusivity.
Sea Spa Skin Care Mission is, combining the knowledge gained from decades of scientific research & study, focused on the skin rejuvenating benefits of minerals from the Dead Sea...creating exclusive Dead Sea Skin Care products of unparalleled formulation, producing exciting, age defying results!


Sea Spa Skin Care harnesses the power of science with innovative formulas & the latest technological advancements in skin analysis! Enjoy our complementary beauty consultation service...a state of the art, Free Skin Analysis available through Sea Spa locations worldwide! Sea Spa Skin Care is proud to implement the Derma-Scope Skin Analysis Machine, an integral part of formulating your personal skin care regime! With the Derma-Scope, Sea Spa's skilled technicians can assess your skin care needs, make fully informed recommendations & track improvements over time for the health and beauty of your skin. The Derma-Scope is implemented exclusively by the world's finest skin care specialists...Now, Sea Spa Skin Care invites you to take advantage of this unique opportunity to experience the latest in cutting edge, innovative technology absolutly free of charge...a customer service at any of our locations worldwide!